Nono Rodriguez

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"Nono" Rodriguez
Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 10
In-Story Information
Other Aliases @C6H14O5
Occupation Student
Abilities None

Miss "Nono" Rodriguez (@C6H14O5) is an over-eager science student and normally partners with Leo in science class.

She is a member of the Ponies.

She apparently has a crush on Jason Quill. and has written a variety of fanfic about him. She recently expressed an attraction to an unnamed girl (as well as some of her fellow Ponies).

She was involved in the story of Hot Mess, who expressed some kind of interest in her (as a villain's lieutenant).

Pietro tried to ask her to the Valentine's Day dance in Issue 50, but Ghost Girl saved her.


As of 59.4 Mess Effect, she is dating Hot Mess and working as part of Jason Quill's superhero support organization as a chemistry expert.


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