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Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 1
Playbook The Bull
In-Story Information
Real Name Leonard "Leo" Snow
Other Aliases Leo Conway (and an assortment of other adopted surnames)
Associates Family:
Ted Waters
Abilities Modular power armor which grant increased strength and speed, Skyhook grappling system. Enhanced intelligence.

Link (Leo Snow) is a superhero in Halycion City, known for his membership in the Menagerie. He is often associated with his robotic creations and friends, Otto, Pneuma, and Numina.



Link tries to be two things for his team: wrecking ball and emotional anchor. He's often the first into a fight, even when his team isn't sure about following behind him. He tries to be supportive to his teammates and friends. Leo compares his friends and family to atomic bonds: his strength is derived from his connections.


Link is the child of Rossum the Minion Maker, a supervillain, and an unknown mother. When he was 5, his father implanted a chip in the back of his head to correct fatal brain damage.

Link spent the next 12 years moving between foster families. AEGIS would capture his father and place him somewhere, then his father would escape and come find him again.

This cycle continued until Agent Ted Waters took over, oversaw Rossum's capture, and finally helped Leo legally emancipate himself.

See here for Leo's personal timeline.


Currently, Leo projects himself as a hot-blooded hero. He can be angry and intense, but he feels other emotions such as sadness or joy just as strongly and openly.

He likes challenges, especially scientific problems. He enjoys movies, music, and anime for recreation.


Leo has a limited form of super-intelligence, which he explained to Jason Quill as a quantum effect in his brain. His implanted chip corrects brain damage that emerged as a side effect of that condition.

He has used his inventive super-power, along with the chip's ability to dump out his brain's current state, to create a series of artificially intelligent robots, along with a suit of armor, called the Link Suit.


Leo can be hot-headed and prone to anger. If a problem presents itself, he's prone to punching it. At one time, he was a school bully, but he has since learned to restrain himself.

Leo had unfulfilled romantic interest in Pneuma. The pair are currently a couple and maintain a positive friendship.

Leo is trying to sort out his feelings about Numina, Pneuma's mental duplicate.

Leo was, and perhaps still is, pursued by his father Rossum.


Researching time-space and dimensional physics with his fiance, Aria Newman.


Other Versions

A future Leo Snow, called "the Bot", was encountered in Issue 40. His superpowers were forcibly removed by a future Jason Quill, and his companion Pneuma is catatonic due to the actions of Rosa Rook.

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