Jason Quill

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Jason Quill
Publication Information
Created by Dave
First Appearance Issue 1
Playbook The Doomed
In-Story Information
Real Name Jason Quill
Other Aliases None
Associates Family:
Byron Quill
Rusty Byrne
Amir Quill
Alycia Chin
Abilities Protective nanite swarm, modified for conscious control.

Jason Quill is a public figure and hero in Halycion City, known for his membership in the Menagerie.

He is a member of the Quill Family, and lives at the family quarters at the Quill Organization headquarters in Halcyon City.


Jason Quill is the son of the world-famous science adventurer Dr. Byron Quill and (possibly) Valerie Randal. Jason spent his youth / teens globetrotting in his father's footsteps, along with his Moroccan step-brother Amir, his corgi Brigand, and his AEGIS bodyguard Rusty. Together they found dinosaurs, fought swamp creatures, defended Earth from aliens, and foiled any number of fiendish plots by Byron Quill's Arch-nemesis, Dr. Achilles Chin.

Jason had a cartoon made about him, which provides a degree of embarrassment but also nice residuals, and he occasionally goes to conventions. On the other hand, he is also the basis of the infamous "NOT NOW, JASON. YOU'RE BE RIDICULOUS" meme, based on a typographic error in one of the cartoon scripts / closed captionin.

Jason's childhood adventures ended two years before the game begins (see below), when Dr Quill decided Jason needed to finish high school back in Halcyon City, to get some proper socialization and prepare for college. To protect him, he embedded Jason's body with a swarm of prototype nanobots.

During the very next family outing (the first without Jason), the apparent death of Dr Quill and Rusty in the so-called DC Incident changed his life forever. Jason was thrown into a deep depression by both the losses and by his not being there to possibly avert it.

Jason's life became more complicated. He learned to wield his nanobots in new ways, and began a heroic career of his own. Chin's daughter, Alycia, publicly swore a vendetta on Jason for her father's death. Jason soon thereafter got involved in founding (and, for a time, being the leader of) a super-hero team known as The Menagerie.

Jason is in his senior year at Gardner Academy.

Following resolution of his mental issues (see below), Jason has retired from active duty with the Menagerie, choosing to devote himself to using the Quill Foundation to better the world, and to support young super hero teams.


Through his time with the Menagerie, Jason Quill led a complicated life, and subject to various threats:

  • The Nanobot Swarm, designed by Byron as a life-protective device, was gradually diluting his psyche as he pushed his use of it. He was aware of this, but chooses to continue to do so when it's important to his and the team's needs. There were indications that the damage has included memories, and it ultimately turned out that the problems stemmed from flaws in the code Byron inserted at the last moment to delete memories of Jason's relationship with Alycia Chin. This threat was eventually resolved by Jason patching his own code and using Link's Heart Factory to mend the memories, with Alycia's memories as the template.
  • Rook Industries would like to take over anything of the Quill Organization that it can. It is unclear how far they would go to do so. This remains an ongoing threat.
  • AEGIS would like to secure the artifacts, souvenirs, and other dangerous technology that the Quill Organization has. Jason is now more actively engaged in securing and/or utilizing those artifacts.

The Nanobots

The original purpose of the self-sustaining nanobot jacket/swarm that Byron provided for Jason was to serve as living armor, protecting him against threats. Over time, Jason discovered how to manipulate the swarm to create more elaborate structures and extensions of himself (see here for more details).

But also over time, Jason discovered there was something wrong with the nanobots, that extended and over-extended use of them caused a progressive cognitive distortion -- as if part of his consciousness was going out but never quite coming back afterward. This was a subjective view of what was actually happening. The nanobots served two further purposes per Byron Quill's plans:

  • To serve as an extension of Jason's cognitive abilities -- parallel processing, memory, buffers, etc. -- to solve the potentially fatal complications of Second-Generation Hyper-Genius (SGHG). This is unconscious on Jason's part.
  • To delete or edit a number of memories held by Jason regarding his relationship with Alycia Chin, in an effort to forestall a long-term relationship with his nemesis' daughter.

This latter purpose was at least partially successful -- Jason still had some memories of his past with Alycia, but these were incomplete, muddled, and often (but not always) involved Alycia threatening him. More importantly, the quickness of the coding that Byron did introduced errors that led to buffer leakage and corruption, leading to an increasing cognitive health risk to Jason.

The pinching off of parallel consciousness processing into the nanobots gave rise to Li'lycia, a perceived version of Alycia Chin at the age Jason first met her that has give Jason insights into memories he has lost.

Romantic Relationships

Jason has a history of troubled, problematic, and failed romantic relationships (and of obsessing over his faults regarding same).

  • Alycia Chin - Encountered during various adventures, the relationship between Jason and the daughter of his father's arch-nemesis has been a matter of pointing guns and stolen moments. The relationship grew significant enough that it may have been sexually consummated during an adventure in Antarctica. Both fathers disapproved of the relationship in principle, as potentially interfering with their grooming of their children as heirs to their cause, and possibly because of the danger of a Third Generation Hyper-Genius. Both fathers interfered with their child's memories of each other, which led to misunderstandings and conflict between Jason and Alycia. This relationship appears to be on the mend, but neither participant knows what shape it will actually take with their fathers out of the picture.
  • Jenny Byrne - Ostensibly the daughter of Rusty Byrne, she turned out to be a Russian operative. Jason has no memory of her or his deep depression after she was revealed.
  • Numina / Summer Newman - Jason offered this backup version of Pneuma sanctuary in the Quill Foundation computers, enabled her to project holoraphically, and later built a body for her. The two had a number of long, intimate talks, during one of which he helped her select her "person" name of Summer Skye. It is unclear the degree to which Summer was romantically interested in Jason, but he had certainly developed a romantic interest in her. The relationship was suspended when Jason decided to continue pursuing Alycia, and Summer moved out of the Quill residence -- though not without deep regrets on Jason's part.
  • Travelycia - While Jason has several long talks with the AI version of Alycia that he created, he would not characterize their relationship as "romantic".

Pre-Game Timeline

[Based on the September 2017 start of the game.]

  • June 2016: Quill family returns to Halcyon City after a length string of adventures in Antarctica. The intent is for Jason to stay in town and enroll in Gardner Academy in the fall. Paperwork has all been filled out and arrangements made.
  • July 2016: Dr. Quill, Rusty, and Amir jet off to South Africa; the next thing anyone knows, they are in battle with Dr Chin in Washington, DC. In the ensuing event, Chin opens up a dimensional rift (which was supposed to happen inside White House, it is speculated); Dr. Quill and Rusty are sucked in, as are Dr Chin and Chin's silent bodyguard / assassin, Hector Callado. Amir, Jason's adopted brother, manages to barely escape, but is rendered a paraplegic from the dimensional stresses. (Amir also saved Brigand, the corgi, from being lost.)
  • August 2016: The school year begins, but Jason opts out. Not even his business manager / trust manager, Barbara Josephs, thinks to insist upon it. Jason studies on his own.
  • October 2016: Jason's first public appearance representing the Quill Foundation.
  • January 2017: Jason's first forays as a "super-hero" in Halcyon City.
  • August 2017: The first attack in the city / on Jason by Alycia Chin (who makes no bones about it being her, and why).
  • August 2017: The Team First Comes Together.
  • September 2017: People Magazine article (week 1 of 3), his first real media interview aside from some questions thrown at him in more formal settings, Foundation Press Conferences, etc.


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