Ghost Girl

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Ghost Girl
Ghost girl.PNG
Publication Information
Created by Margie
First Appearance Issue 2
Playbook The Outsider
In-Story Information
Real Name Charlotte Palmer
Other Aliases None
Associates None
Abilities Insubstantial. Psionics.

Ghost Girl (Charlotte Palmer) is a superhero in Halcyon City, known for her membership in the Menagerie.

She is known to frequent Halcyon City Coffee Shops. She is friends or associates with the Ponies and Lucius. Ghostheart has deemed her a danger to humanity, as an attractor to Pandemonium.


Where do you come from?

Oakland Cemetery in Halcyon City. d.o.d. July 18, 1849

Why did you come to Earth?

When a fight between Magus Everard and Doctor Infinity spilled over into the Oakland Cemetery, their combined powers struck Charlotte's grave, disturbing her peaceful rest

Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?

My life was very sheltered and limiting. I am intrigued by the world around me and the freedoms

Why do your people want you to come home?

Some of my family is shocked by the Halcyon of today, other feel it is unnatural to walk among the living. Still others crave the life energy I bring when I am near.

Why do you care about the team?

They are my anchor to the here and now


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