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The Twilight Glade is the new Menagerie base. It was introduced in Issue 51.


Originally, it was a parcel of scenic land in the English countryside, that during a battle between the Mystic Wielder of the Seven Seals of Solomon, and his nemesis, the Daemon Wielder of the HellFire, was shunted out of this world into a small bubble reality between worlds. At the time there was a festival taking place in the village, so many people were pulled into the sub dimension. Most were twisted, warped, and altered by the planeshift. In a rare instance, both Mystic and Daemon were surprised, shocked, chagrined by what they in their hubris they had wrought. They called for a truce between their battles, to try to reverse what had happened. Unfortunately, they found that the best they could do was turn them all to stone to stop their continuing transformation.

This has left weird statues everywhere on the lightly wooded plain. When you approach these statues they whisper secrets, because in their new forms they have become untethered from their previous mortal coil allowing them access to much knowledge both secret and unknown that they will share with you for good or ill.


As a Doomed-style Sanctuary:

  • Library of valuable tomes: The statues of the festival goers. Also qualifies as weird art.
  • Food, music, and art: - previous mentioned the statues for art, music a weird wind from nowhere springs up blowing through the trees creating music based on the mood and need of the occupants, voices from nowhere singing to the tune and food appears responding to what the member desire most
  • Healing equipment: a scenic calm glade that heals one of all wounds as she/he rests in its warm embrace
  • Difficult to access: There is a stone statue dedicated to the memory of Mystic in a not-often-visited small park. A visitor needs to touch the base and whisper, "For those not to be forgotten."
  • Location Known to Many: Most mystical world know of what happened that day, because both Mystic and Daemon from then on looked for a cure for the lost inhabitants, even while still attending to their needs for the rest of their lives.


The Twilight Grove is a pocket dimension of apparently mystical nature. The Grove manifests as a large area of lawns, old-growth woods, and statuary, lit (at night) by fairy lights. It is dotted with pavilions, tree-based platforms, and other gathering places, secluded copses, clearings, and winding private trails. The various locales have places for sitting, mounds of pillows, etc. Weather and temperature in the grove appears to be always delightfully clement, night and day. On occasion, music can be heard.

The tables at the entrance to the Grove provide an endless supply of food and drink, somehow tailored to the preferences of those visiting it.

The (very realistic) statues that dot the grove will, if approached, convey information, wisdom, and secrets. They are not to be treated lightly.

The Grove is accessed in a small, nameless city park near the downtown. Upon entering the fenced park, and uttering secret words to the statue in the middle, those in the park find themselves within the Grove. Once within the Grove, one will double back to where they started by walking about five minutes in an single direction.

The Grove does not carry phone or data signals, and those within it are not detectable from the "real" world. However, text messages can, somehow, transit the dimensional gap. There are no power sources within the Grove, but energy and health seem to be regenerated: healing occurs significantly faster within the Grove, and electrical devices will recharge themselves without being plugged in.

The Menagerie

Grandma Swift gifted to Mercury a replacement base for The Menagerie, giving him custody of the Grove that had been used as a base for her old team, the Society of Super-Heroes (SOS).

At present, any of the Menagerie members can enter, but nobody else (even knowing the password) can come in.


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