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The Menagerie is an online roleplaying game using the "Masks: A New Generation" game. Masks is a Powered by the Apocalypse game meant to evoke teen-super fiction like Young Justice or Teen Titans.

The game has five player characters who form a Super Team called "the Menagerie".

  • Concord (Adam Amari), whose emotions power his construct-creating abilities
  • Ghost Girl (Charlotte Palmer), a Civil War-era ghost with a variety of mystic powers
  • Jason Quill, a Jonny Quest Expy with a protective nanobot vest made by his father
  • Link (Leo Snow), a powered-armor pilot who built robot friends
  • Mercury (Harry Gale), a speedster from a family of speedsters

So far they have interacted with individual villains such as Iconoclast, adult hero teams like the Halcyon Heroes League (HHL), other teen teams, a band of My Little Pony superhero fangirls, and high-tech invaders from another dimension. But for the most part, what messes them up is each other or their own families...

This game provides examples of:

Sessions and story arcs of this game provide examples of:

  • The "Swap Meet" arc:
    • Brought Down to Normal - Any character who lost their superpowers when they body-swapped, and hasn't adjusted to the new reality yet.
    • Brought Down to Badass - Mostly though, the swap has worked out to you being a different kind of awesome.
    • How Do I Shot Web? - Every character must learn to use the powers of the body they've been swapped into.