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This is a timeline of major events in the game.

Link builds Otto. Link
Link builds Pneuma. Link
Oct 19 Team faces Hannibal Lectric at the Piedmont Memorial Chase. [1]
Dec 14 Team gives an interview with Tasha Starr. Iconoclast and Troll attack. 1 2 3
The team formalizes themselves with AEGIS as "The Menagerie". PowerPony is kidnapped. 4 5 6
The team fights and defeats Ghostheart and their summoned minions and rescue PowerPony. 7 8
Jason Quill analyzes surveillance footage of Alycia Chin in his warehouse, and passes out. [2]
Dec 15 Ghost Girl and Mercury investigate Pandemonium. Concord and Link assist Jason. 9
Adam and Leo meet Taz at school. The Farlander attacks Halcyon High. 10
Concord faces off against Sablestar. Jason recovers, the team comes to assist civilians. -- 11
Pneuma is kidnapped by Rosa Rook. The team rescues her. AEGIS involves itself. 12 13
Dec 16 AEGIS gives a press conference. Leo moves in with the Gale Family. 14 15
Dec 18 - 19 Ghost Girl investigates Hannibal Lectric's connection to Vyortovia. Ted Waters entrusts Jason with a video about his father's disappearance. 16
Jason leaves some time-delayed messages about the video, in case something happens to him. [3]
Dec 20 - 21 Jason and Adam have a conversation, but tensions escalate when Adam's father appears. Link and Ghost Girl place a transmitter in the Sepiaverse, hoping to contact the Quill-Chin party. 17
Dec 22 The team is invited to the HHL's Christmas party. Link proposes telepathy, which Ghost Girl enacts, but this also swaps each team member's mind into another's body. 18
HHL Christmas party, with the Menagerie invited. 19
The team battles Vyortovian forces and Yule Lads. Mercury stops a bomb. Ghost Girl and Concord defeat the memory veil. 20 21
Dec 23 The team rescues trapped civilians, puts out fires, and otherwise helps the city.
Dec 24 The world takes stock of what just happened. [4]
Dec 27 AEGIS publicly acknowledges the Vyortovian veil.
Jan TBD Mercury arranges team training with the Irregulators. 22 23
Jan TBD Jason and Numina interview Amir Quill in the Florida Keys. 22 [5]
Jan TBD Ghost Girl, Jason Quill, and Numina (now Summer) meet Byron Quill in the Sepiaverse. 24 25
Jan TBD The Menagerie, Rook security forces acting as Corvus Construction, and Vyortovians have a three-way battle to seize control of the Keynome buried under Halcyon High South. 25 26 27
Jan 6/13/20/27 or Feb 3/10/17/24 The Ponies broadcast an AMA with the team. Link unmasks. 28