The Irregulators

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The Irregulars is a Modern Generation superteam.

The team was unofficially 'that other team' for awhile. Several names have been suggested that riff on the prevalence of "A" in their code names. Comet finally volunteered the use of 'the Irregulars', which has been on file since 1998.


  • A10 - a flying brick, inherited the powers of the original Thunderbolt.
  • Alloy - able to copy the material qualities of substances they touch.
  • Animal - animal-themed shapeshifter.
  • Armiger - a Grail Knight, wielding a fragment of the sword Excalibur.
  • Telekinetian - a telekinetic (surprise) and social scholar.
  • Uncle Chase (mentor)

The team may have additional members, not currently listed here.

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