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Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 12
Playbook The Janus
In-Story Information
Real Name Summer Skye Newman
Other Aliases None
Associates Link, Aria, Otto
Abilities heightened physical abilities (robot body, hard light projection); webs (grappling lines); impossible mobility (flight)

This is the page for Summer as a PC. See Numina for her history as an NPC.

Radiance (Summer Skye Newman) is a superhero in Halcyon City, known for her membership in the Menagerie. She is associated with her builder Link, her sister Aria, and Otto.

She currently works at Blintzkrieg as a barista.


  • When did you first put on the mask? Why? I wanted to be close to the people I care about, but I'm not sure what role I should have in their life right now.
  • Why do you keep a secret identity? I'm a robot, so I'm "super" by default. I want a normal life too.
  • Who, outside of the team, knows about your dual identity? Jason Quill.
  • Who thinks the worst of your masked identity? Rosa Rook.
  • Why do you care about the team? They are all my friends!

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