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Rossum the Minion Maker
Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 1
In-Story Information
Other Aliases None
Occupation Hyper-tech arms dealer
Abilities Super-gadgeteering, high intelligence.
Inspired by Astroboy's Dr. Tenma, and Cybersix's Von Reichter

Rossum, also called the Minion Maker, is a supervillain. He is Link's biological father.

When Leo was younger, Rossum abducted him and held him for several months, probing the secrets of a superhuman combat ability that had manifested. Rossum seeks to replicate this ability in his own robots.

He was captured by AEGIS as part of Operation SNOWMAN, after the failure of their previous effort, BEARTRAP.

Currently he appears to be a captive of Rosa Rook. During that time, he implanted a false memory in Pneuma's mind.


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