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The Quill Organization is an association of various legal entities owned and operated by Byron Quill.

Member Organizations

Quill Technologies logo (prototype), using the trademark "Q"
The Quill Organization is made of up several companies, the most prominent of which are:
  • Quill Technologies, a for-profit corporation which manufactures those devices invented by Byron (such as QPhones) that are economically viable, or which (more commonly) oversees licensing of the technology to others for manufacture.
  • The Quill Foundation, a non-profit organization that
    • provides a variety of global charitable services
    • holds Byron Quill's patents
    • stores and protects technology and inventions (developed by Quill or obtained during adventures) which are not yet economically viable (such as the Quill hover-disc) or which pose a risk to humanity (such as REDACTED)
    • funds Byron Quill's research
    • administers the Quill Family Trust


Byron Quill is CEO of the member organizations. However, most day-to-day management is handled by his business and legal advisors, Barbara Josephs and Hannah Williams. Formal corporate governance is handled by the Foundation Directors.


Quill residential floor, south-east sector of the Quill Block [a. Roysovitch ]
The Quill Organization is headquartered in Halcyon City on the Quill Block.
The building takes up a full city block; it was originally warehouses in a not-so-good spot of Halcyon City, but one which Foundation money has helped with urban renewal of.

There's a 10-story tower with office space for lease; the third floor is where the Foundation is HQed. The tower's footprint, though, is only about 1/3 of the block; the rest is a jumble of structures going up as high as 4 stories, some as low as one, many of them with several sublevels, along with a private garage (to go with the private helipad on the roof). These house labs, manufacturing / fabrication facilities, warehouse / storage areas (of varying degrees of security), a conference / media center, some hidden and remarkably lovely garden courtyards (windows looking down on them), and the family living quarters. There are habitrail walkways between several of the areas (and, underground, passages going between different basements, probably with ground-effect golf carts for some long stretches).

It has a bit of a city-within-a-city feel, when you're back in the non-public areas, with a jumbled floor and building plan that makes sense if you are a genius who understands the reasons behind it.
(See: We Call It "Quill Modern")


There are concerns that, lacking Byron Quill at the helm providing a pipeline of new inventions, the Quill Organization will decline. Neither Jason nor Amir Quill has shown no inclination to take over active management of the business. At some point, it is speculated that the Quill Block and its assets will be sold off. What will happen in that eventuality to the untested or dangerous technology stored there is uncertain; it may be taken over by AEGIS, which Byron Quill long opposed.