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The Quill Organization is an association of various legal entities owned and operated by Byron Quill.

Member Organizations

Quill Technologies logo (prototype), using the trademark "Q"
The Quill Organization is made of up several companies, the most prominent of which are:
  • Quill Industries (QI) A private, for-profit organization. Operates the few actual manufacturing plants that the Organization owns (some onsite in the Quill Block in Halcyon, a few others scattered around the globe as appropriate for what they are building or supplying or being supplied by). Most of the patents are actually licensed out to various holders by QT, limiting QI's side of things.
  • Quill Technologies (QT), a private, for-profit organization. Handles the R&D labs (again, mostly in Halcyon, and most of which meant, in the past, Byron Quill), as well as managing licensing deals of economically viable technology (such as QPhones) with others (the bulk of the Quill fortune).
  • The Quill Foundation (QF), a private, non-profit organization that
    • provides a variety of global charitable services
    • holds Byron Quill's patents
    • stores and protects technology and inventions (developed by Quill or obtained during adventures) which are not yet economically viable (such as the Quill hover-disc) or which pose a risk to humanity (such as REDACTED)
    • funds Byron Quill's research
    • administers the Quill Family Trust, which pays for the day-to-day expenses of the (surviving) Quill family members (Jason and Amir).


For all of its fame, the Quill Organization is not all that large. Byron set it up that way intentionally to stop from being annoyed by it, while maintaining enough of a grasp on things to have confidence his inventions were not being wrongly used.

The QI and QT for-profit organizations have standard corporate leadership structures, though profit and loss are kept very carefully within their own boundaries for tax purposes. The corporate leadership of each organization answers to the Quill Foundation's Board of Directors, usually Byron Quill as Chairman of the Board.

The Foundation is controlled by a Board of Directors selected by Byron (serving for "a dollar a day"), advising the Chairman of the Board (Byron) on issues that are beyond his expertise or interest. The board has generally met only a few times a year, with Byron making the strategic decisions around it solo most of the time.

Since Byron Quill's death/disappearance, it has continued to serve a similar role, waiting for Jason Quill to come of age this year. Jason has met with them a couple of times, rubber stamped some decisions, and not seemed terribly interested in running a business; since things have been going along pretty well, there's not been any apparent interest by anyone in changing that arrangement, or in changing the strategic direction of the organization.

Most day-to-day management is handled by Byron Quill's business and legal advisors, Barbara Josephs and Hannah Williams, who act as the Foundation Executive Leadership, under the direction of the Chairman. There is a fairly shallow management structure under that for different functions, including personnel management for the organization.

Board of Directors

The board serves at the pleasure of the Chairman. Byron has generally picked people he admires and whom he trusts to advise him (even when they disagree with him).

  • Brooks Kane, philanthropist (66) - Inherited his family wealth at an early age, and while something of playboy in his past, has settled down quite a bit the past decade or two to manage his estate's charity, world development, and philanthropic interests. He serves on the board in order to see the power of Quill's inventions used for the public good. (Vice-Chairman of the Board)
  • Callista Collier, media mogul (71) - A media person who came by it honestly, through hard work in journalism, several prestigious awards, and effective investments that allowed her to take over first a struggling newspaper chain, then a series of TV stations. Still active in her business. She serves to advise Byron on media issues; she came to know him earlier in both their careers, and (usually) admired his dedication to purpose.
  • Edwina Popadopoulis, diplomat (57) - Originally of Greek birth, Ms Popadopoulis has served US ambassador or special envoy on a number of occasions. Like Kane, she admires what the Quill organization has and can do for the world, and Byron thought she would bring some international legitimacy.
  • Carl Oliver, bureaucrat / statesman (ret.) (78) - The oldest member of the board, Oliver has served in the cabinets of five US presidents in varying roles. He provides the government connections and respect the Quill organization needs to maintain its special status, and he aims to keep things that way.
  • Stan Anthonies, industrialist (53) - The youngest member of the board, Anthonies has a controlling interest in a number of international manufacturing firms. He tends to recuse himself from decisions of the board that would be a conflict of interest. Byron relied on his business acumen and knowledge of modern markets and industrial techniques.
  • Henry Leonards, microbiologist, media personality (58) - A fellow scientist that Quill got to know back in college, Leonards has both won a number of scientific awards and hosted a series of TV shows on science subjects. A friend of Byron's and the only member of the board with anything close to the scientific acumen.


Quill residential floor, south-east sector of the Quill Block [a. Roysovitch ]
The Quill Organization is headquartered in Halcyon City on the Quill Block.
The building takes up a full city block; it was originally warehouses in a not-so-good spot of Halcyon City, but one which Foundation money has helped with urban renewal of.

There's a 10-story tower with office space for lease; the third floor is where the Foundation is HQed. The tower's footprint, though, is only about 1/3 of the block; the rest is a jumble of structures going up as high as 4 stories, some as low as one, many of them with several sublevels, along with a private garage (to go with the private helipad on the roof). These house labs, manufacturing / fabrication facilities, warehouse / storage areas (of varying degrees of security), a conference / media center, some hidden and remarkably lovely garden courtyards (windows looking down on them), and the family living quarters. There are habitrail walkways between several of the areas (and, underground, passages going between different basements, probably with ground-effect golf carts for some long stretches).

It has a bit of a city-within-a-city feel, when you're back in the non-public areas, with a jumbled floor and building plan that makes sense if you are a genius who understands the reasons behind it.
(See: We Call It "Quill Modern")


There are concerns that, lacking Byron Quill at the helm providing a pipeline of new inventions, the Quill Organization will decline. Neither Jason nor Amir Quill has shown no inclination to take over active management of the business. At some point, it is speculated that the Quill Block and its assets will be sold off. What will happen in that eventuality to the untested or dangerous technology stored there is uncertain; it may be taken over by AEGIS, which Byron Quill long opposed.