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Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 1
In-Story Information
Other Aliases None
Occupation Chauffeur
Abilities Robotic super-strength and durability.
Metal Happy Hogan to Link's Tony Stark

Otto is a robot capable of transforming between a humanoid and two car modes: a civilian automobile and a clearly high-tech super-car. He was created by Link and is capable of combining with him and/or Pneuma.

He is currently involved with an individual named Mary.


Some people devote themselves to their development as humans: they work out, meditate on philosophy, and so on. Otto devotes himself to his development as a car. He thinks about a car's role in the world, tries to be the best car he can be, and more.

  • "As a transforming robot car, you could say I'm a mixture of Japanese import and American muscle."
  • "I feel a lot of things! But I don't feel exactly the same things as human people. Like, I don't want a human girlfriend, but I love seeing car shows for kinda similar reasons. I love fighting bad guys and saving people, but I also like racing, cruising, 80's rock music, sending memes to the boss, lots of different things."
  • "What do I want for the future? I'd like to enter some competitive races, maybe against humans, maybe against other AI cars if there are any. Let's find out who's the best. But y'know, if a human wins, they can drive me, so I can learn from it. And maybe I'll teach them a thing or two."
  • "Football. Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, no question. I think I'd look at New England and Kansas City to fill out a roster this year. My real-life guys is always the Halcyon home team, natch."
  • "There's a lot of stuff you don't think about as a person, but that a car really has to know. For example, I doubt the boss is ever gonna make out with a date while they're with me, that'd make him feel weird. But I still got a playlist if someone needs to make out in the front seat and needs ol' Otto the wingman to seal the deal."
  • "Best road rock. Radar Love, Sniff 'n' the Tears' Driver's Seat, Riders on the Storm. Really, though, there's first gear music, there's cruising-the-highway music, and there's 4th-gear time-for-NOS music, and it's all different."
  • "Motorcycles vs. cars for the cool hero ride? Always gotta be a motorcycle for the loner hero, but the boss needs friends, he has a civilian life, and if you do all that stuff on a bike you come off looking like an asshole. Car for the team hero, every time."
  • "A gift for me? Fuzzy dice are a no-no. As an accessory they're on point, but free-moving stuff in the cabin is a problem for my transformation. One of those ultimate deluxe car washes, though, now that's amazing. I could spend all day in there."


  • Leo giving advice to passengers: "when you get out, I want you to take all your shit with you. No Coke cans, loose change, gum wrapper, nothing. You leave a hamburger wrapper in there, that's gonna smack me in the face when I combine, and that'll make me angry. You spill ketchup or fries and Otto transforms, I gotta clean that shit up for hours."
  • Otto, when noting romantic interests: "(You/they) got it bad, boss."


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