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Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 12
In-Story Information
Other Aliases Summer Skye Newman
Occupation Gynoid
Abilities Holographic shapeshifting, levitation

This is the page for Summer as an NPC. See Radiance for her history as an PC, including forum appearances.

Numina is a mental backup of Pneuma, one of the robots created by Link. She has since diverged into her own person, but inherits Pneuma's memories up to the point of her advent.

Jason Quill rendered her as a hologram at the Quill compound. She has since been outfitted with a hard-light holographic projection system and mobile base, allowing her to move around freely (with some visual glitches).

She recently adopted the name "Summer Skye Newman", or "Summer".

She works as a barista at a coffee shop called Blintzkrieg.