Monkey with a Hat

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The monkey with the hat was the most memorable character in a childhood encounter between Alycia Chin and Jason Quill when they met in the Amazon.

The Monkey
The encounter is somewhat muddled the retelling but involved:
  • The Seven Cities of Cibola
  • A village with a large golden statue that actually turned out to be a robot left there by a past, failed invasion by aliens from Procyon.
  • A "cute" New World monkey that obtained the cerebral enhancement control crown (the "hat") for the robot
  • A pursuit by natives

With hilarity (from some perspectives) ensuing.

While the encounter was primarily between Alycia and Jason, Jason also spent part of that adventure carrying Amir Quill through the jungle after the latter was bitten by a poison dart frog.

It is uncertain, given the memory shenanigans played on both Jason and Alycia, if this is, as Jason once referred to it, their first encounter, or if another event was.

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