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Publication Information
Created by James
First Appearance Issue 1
Playbook The Legacy
In-Story Information
Real Name Harry Gale
Other Aliases The Silver Child
Associates Family:
Gale Family
Abilities Super speed. Regeneration.

Mercury (Harry Gale) is a superhero in Halycon City, known for his famous family the Gales as well as membership in the Menagerie.


When did you officially become a part of your legacy?

When I was born my parents hid me for my safety (they have lots of enemies) and to protect their public image (those reporters are vicious). As soon as I developed my powers (around puberty) I was given to my Uncle Chase, a less prominent speedster by the name of Comet. Once I got a handle on my powers I was introduced to the public as Mercury. Everything was going according to my parent's plans.

What's the greatest accomplishment of your legacy?

The greatest victory my parents ever had was when their arch nemesis, King Winter, used his cold powers to summon every comet and bit of ice (including Pluto) from outer space, sending it hurtling towards the Earth. Speedsters Streak and Tempest combined their speed and increased the spin of the Earth, moving it out of the way of the incoming space debris (and planet) just in time.

How does the public perceive your legacy?

The public loves my parents. There are three holidays centered around them. One for Streak, one for Tempest, and one for the day they literally moved Heaven and Earth to save the human race.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a superhero?

I was raised to be a hero. I want to become the best hero there is, both so that I can earn my parents’ praise, but also so that I can surpass them and become faster than them. I want to become a hero in my own right, not constantly being compared to my parents.

Why do you care about the team?

I care about the team because with them I can be the real me. They see me, not my parents.


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