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The Junior Halcyon Heroes League is a Modern Generation superteam.

They are well-funded, with a fantastic support staff and great PR team.

They act as a feeder for recruitment into the Halcyon Heroes League.

Other teen groups (and some adults) refer to the JHHL as the Jills. It is not intended to be a compliment.


The JHHL's members don't have a lot of active connections to the HHL.

  • Kinetica - Wears a full-face-covering suit. Flies. Can 'charge' items with kinetic energy and throw them around, with predictable results. Source of powers unknown.
  • Scraaseetotabobah ("Bob") - alien light being. Flies. Is literally flashy.
  • Kid Kelvin - Cold powers. Star playbook. May or may not be related to King Winter, one of the Gale's biggest nemesis. Certainly likes to imply he is.
  • Ninjess - little is known, because obviously
  • Stingray ("Trace") - Nautilus's son. Blonde. Handsome. Popular. (Aggressively not his dad in all these respects.) Makes fun of other supers who aren't on the JHHL. Tough armored shell with a gooey soft center.
  • Superchica ("Keri") - Secret brick. Interest in Concord.

The team has additional members, not currently listed here.

Former Members

  • Pharos (AJ Masoud) - a young Cyclops-type hero who was blinded by a supervillain and retired.

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