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Jason and Jenny, in a "happy" moment
Jenny Byrne was the nom de guerre of a Russian spy/assassin who infiltrated into the Quill Family by posing as the daughter of Rusty Byrne by a past "unfortunate incident". Her mission was apparently to assassinate Byron Quill and steal some specific technology.

As part of her time with the family, she struck up a romance with Jason Quill.

Her identity was eventually discovered. While it was believed for at least a year that she had been sent by Achilles Chin, the identities of the Russian organization that sent her, the Sayansk Science Institute (a front for a Russian intelligence organization with ties to mobs within that country) was finally determined, and the institute "dealt with" finally and with a remarkably "contained" explosion.

Information regarding "Jenny Byrne" (true name unknown) was scrubbed from all systems except under zed-level access by Byron Quill himself. Jason was apparently "quite distraught" over the imposture, but has never referenced it subsequently, as Byron scrubbed it from his memory. The success of this early mind editing may have inspired later, more widespread memory adjustment of Jason regarding Alycia Chin.

The final disposition of Jenny Byrne has not been recorded.


External References

  • Masks 16.2 - A conversation between Travelycia and AI Byron Quill.