Issue 9

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Issue 9: Sizzling Big Adult-Influence Issue!
Key Elements Gale Family
Alycia Chin
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Sizzling Big Adult-Influence Issue!

Key Events

  • Ghost Girl and Mercury speak with Harry's father for a lead on magical matters. He refers them to Lucius.
  • Lucius confirms Ghostheart's claims that there is some mystic residue left behind by ghostly interactions.
  • Link gets a garbled text from Jason Quill and calls him back, only to be told by a Foundation employee that Jason has passed out. Link drives to the Quill Foundation building, and calls the others to inform them.
  • Concord uses his powers to split himself into two people, sending one to school and the other to the Foundation.
  • Link uses the Foundation's neuro-lab equipment to diagnose Jason as being in a cyclic REM-state loop.
  • Concord uses his powers to pull Jason out of it, but inadvertently crosses his mental wires and says something disconcerting to his English teacher via the body that's at school. He encounters Alycia Chin inside the REM loop, suggesting that she deliberately engineered it as an attack on Jason.

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