Issue 8

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Issue 8: Lo, There Shall Be an Evening of Character Interaction!
Key Elements Pandemonium
Alycia Chin
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Next Issue Issue 9

Key Events

  • Concord and Link question a captured Ghostheart and learn about Pandemonium.
  • AEGIS arrives and takes charge of the villain.
  • Pneuma informs Link that she's leaving town for a few days, to research Rossum and meet a friend in Japan.
  • Concord, Ghost Girl, and Mercury interact with each other, but with difficulty.
  • Jason Quill spends hours researching a small town in Philadelphia, where Alycia Chin may be experimenting with the EMPulsar device to open dimensional barriers.
  • Due to overload or active interference, Jason passes out after pushing his nanobots during the analysis.

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