Issue 59

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Issue 59: Five Pots on a Stove
Key Elements Concord
Twilight Glade
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Five Pots on a Stove

Maury Jones hangs out at the team base for awhile.

Key Events

  • Mercury informs A10 that he is leaving the Menagerie to be a solo hero in another city.
  • Ghost Girl investigates the statues in the Twilight Glade, and realizes they are the frozen selves of the Ponies and other friends.
  • Charade talks to Concord atop the HHL building. The two are interrupted by the three other Concordance agents, and they discuss the fate of Adam's Keynome. Radiance appears mid-conversation.
  • That meeting in turn is interrupted by a call from Charlotte to come to the glade. The team converges.

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