Issue 49

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Issue 49: Are you going to shoot Jeff Goldblum?
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Key Elements Doctor Infinity
Jeff Goldblum
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Are you going to shoot Jeff Goldblum?

6 or less, uh, finds a way.

Key Events

  • Doctor Infinity's forces locate the team as they emerge into the present, and attack.
  • Mercury steals some tech from AEGIS and quickly uses his speed to launch himself into orbit, using the stolen device to survive the vacuum.
  • Under stress, Ghost Girl uses her powers to pull the team into a mental landscape consisting of a cupcake baking competition hosted by Jeff Goldblum.
  • Concord realizes that Charlotte is the source of the hallucination, and Charade and Radiance cooperate to free themselves of the influence. The team wakes up on stretchers in some kind of medical care unit.

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