Issue 35

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Issue 35: The Wrathful Rampage of Rossum!
Key Elements Rosa Rook
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The Wrathful Rampage of Rossum!

A very special episode of "My Two Dads".

Key Events

  • The Menagerie assaults the Two Rivers Nuclear Plant, where the Rossum clone is holed up. Charade angers (but startles) Rosa Rook by analyzing the situation and locating the plant.
  • Inside, Mercury saves the lives of some tied up guards, at some cost to himself (as some booby traps go off).
  • Charade and Mercury go deeper into the plant to locate Rossum, while Concord and Link work in their own ways to whittle down the robot count and protect the plant, respectively.
  • Link arrives on scene. Together with Charade and Mercury, they make a team effort to extract Rossum 2.
  • Outside, Concord destroys the last of the oncoming robots.

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