Issue 34

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Issue 34: Daddy Issues
Key Elements AEGIS
Rosa Rook
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Daddy Issues

Silver Streak remains in a coma, despite the team's best efforts. Leo busts his dad out of jail and plays chicken with Rosa Rook and ten thousand robots.

Key Events

  • Mercury and Concord attempt to heal Silver Streak's mind, and discover a severe guilt complex, possibly amplified by exposure to a Keynome.
  • The attempt is thwarted by the presence of three hostile Concordance agents within the psychic space.
  • Back at Has Beans, Lucius recommends that Ghost Girl recruit Armiger for future cleansing efforts. She witnesses Rossum robots launching from stores nearby.
  • Link and Ted Waters escape the black site, plowing through AEGIS agents along the way. Seeing an army of robots flying toward the site, they go back in to extract Rossum from his cell before the robots can rescue him.
  • Charade suits up with new equipment, including a repurposed Vyortovian hover-cycle. She is ordered to deal with Link, who at this time is presumed to be working with Rosa Rook and Rossum.
  • Link orders everyone to Rook HQ. Once done, he reveals the real Rossum to Rook. Rook, realizing Rossum's racket, reluctantly but reasonably reverses. However, the clone/imitation Rossum she has somehow takes control of the bots remotely.

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