Issue 32

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Issue 32: Future. Tense.
Key Elements Rossum
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Future. Tense.

The future is Amazon Prime vs. Optimus Prime.

Key Events

  • Ted Waters has a talk with Link about Rossum and Vyortovia, and their current status.
  • Concord talks to his family about his recent loss of Sol. Nassir Amari then arranges for him to catch a ride to school with Link, and Adam and Link's crew talk about the event and the weight of leadership.
  • Otto reveals that there is a girl who is very interested in meeting him, and apparently knows his identity as a superheroic car. Leo and Adam offer him friendly advice on resolving his conflict.
  • Concord and Link visit AEGIS HQ to question Vector.
  • They learn that he comes from a future where corporations dominate the tech landscape, and a group of rebels led by "the Bot" (suggested to be a future Link or SNOWMAN) need the Heart Factory tech to compete.
  • Concord uses his powers to give Link insight into Vector's memories, whereupon they learn that the mission to steal the device wasn't expected to succeed - instead, it was to lure Leo into giving up the device voluntarily.

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