Issue 30

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Issue 30: Lo, There Shall Be A Merging!
Key Elements Alycia Chin
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Lo, There Shall Be A Merging!

Byron Quill interferes with his son's relationships again.

Key Events

  • Jason Quill and Ghost Girl discuss the Rook hospital situation.
  • Mercury talks to his grandmother about the old days, and she offers him the use of an old SOS base as a HQ.
  • Alycia Chin arrives at the Quill compound to meet the team.
  • Jason tries to recode his nanobots to allow a mental merge to go forward, but trips some anti-tampering mechanisms. The team must rapidly contain the nanobots and bring Jason out of it.
  • The merge itself proceeds, but with some instability. Alycia emerges with a new emotional context for her memories.

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