Issue 26

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Issue 26: The Horrified Satisfaction of the Aggrieved Dead
Key Elements Achilles Chin
Alycia Chin
Vyortovian Forces
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The Horrified Satisfaction of the Aggrieved Dead

Ghost Girl pulls an Aragorn.

Key Events

  • Rossum security robots appear at the high school, tying "Corvus Construction" to both Rook and the Troll/Facet team.
  • The heroes at the school defeat Troll. Mercury protects A10 from the security drones.
  • Jason Quill and Alycia Chin unify in purpose and use their mutual nanotech to hold Byron Quill and Achilles Chin to account for their crimes against the kids. Jason erases the adults' hyper-intelligence, leaving them mundane men.
  • The Vyortovian Forces launch simultaneous attacks in the prime universe and Sepiaverse, both assaulting a Keynome location.
  • Ghost Girl rallies the unquiet dead of the Sepiaverse in a moment of truth, defeating the Vyortovians there.

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