Issue 24

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Issue 24: Charlotte and the Magus / Jason and Byron
Key Elements Alycia Chin
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Charlotte and the Magus / Jason and Byron

Key Events

  • Ghost Girl encounters Magus Everard at the cemetery and learns more about her origin.
  • She sees someone, likely Alycia Chin, portal into the Sepiaverse near the interface point. She follows.
  • She sees Alycia interfering with the radio transmitter in some fashion, maybe to use it or tap it. She possesses the instrument with intent to listen in.
  • Both are captured by forces under the control of Byron Quill. Alycia is imprisoned, Ghost Girl is treated as a guest.
  • Jason Quill and Numina transfer to the Sepiaverse. It is a ruined world, but with survivors.
  • Jason encounters his father Byron Quill, and Byron's companion Rusty, as leaders and heroes of the reconstruction.
  • It is revealed that the Sepiaverse Byron and Dr. Chin were responsible for the devastation of the world, instigated by the death of their children, and that neither man survived the conflict.
  • Byron reveals that Amir Quill -- the one from the Prime Universe, died during the DC Incident.
  • The prime universe's Dr. Achilles Chin is now with the Sepiaverse Hecate.

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