Issue 22

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Issue 22: Senioritis is a Thing
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Key Elements Amari Family
Gale Family
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Senioritis is a Thing

Key Events

  • Jason Quill faces questions about his family's involvement, but angers Quill Foundation investors and throws his dad under the bus to the public.
  • He gets an alpha-quality shell ready for Numina.
  • Link contacts Ted Waters about Rossum's video message.
  • Concord talks to his parents and is asked about a recent photo with the Ponies. [1]
  • Mercury has a tense but honest conversation with Streak about recent events.
  • Link wishes Jason luck wooing Numina.
  • Jason confesses his recent concerns about losing his reality, and tells Link he is now leader. [2]
  • Mercury texts A10, who asks him to intervene with her team's mentor, Uncle Chase.
  • Mercury talks with Chase, who isn't happy with the situation but agrees to having the two teams train together.
  • Concord has a conversation with his father about changing schools.
  • He seeks out the Keynome near the school.
  • PowerPony informs Link that Ghost Girl crossed into the Sepiaverse.
  • Jason and Numina fly to Florida to interview Amir Quill.
  • Pneuma interviews Hecate and learns the identity of Jason's birth mother.

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