Issue 21

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Issue 21: The Truth Shall Set You Free!
Key Elements Oakland Cemetery
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The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Key Events

  • The team helps incarcerate the captured Yule Lads.
  • Ghost Girl and Otto check out the Vyortovian Forces surrounding the Oakland Cemetery. She calls for support.
  • The rest of the team, led by Mercury, work to rout the Vyortovians and deal with a dimensional bomb they are trying to plant.
  • Mercury manages to set it off away from the current opening to the Sepiaverse, averting what probably would have been a city-wide catastrophe.
  • Ghost Girl and Concord cooperate to set off an effect that dispels the Vyortovian barrier and wrecks their remaining plans to breach a hole to the Sepiaverse.
  • As a side effect of Concord's involvement, the memory modification that kept people in the dark is dispelled.
  • Everyone is back in their correct bodies.
  • The remaining soldiers are rounded up, and the damage to the city occupies the team the rest of the night.

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