Issue 20

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Issue 20: The Frost... and the Furry!
Key Elements Halcyon Heroes League
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The Frost... and the Furry!

Key Events

  • Halcyon City's adults are asleep; only kids are still awake. This is the result of a curse powered by mythic holiday magic. The city is being attacked by a giant demonic cat, Yule Lads, and their leader, a witch on a goat.
  • The team organizes affairs in the tower with the help of A10, Stingray, and Kid Kelvin. There is some confusion due to the body swap, but things get done. Paladin appears and contributes as well.
  • Teen supers are mobilized to deal with the Yule Lads and the witch. The Menagerie goes to cope with the cat.
  • During the fight, Concord summons his powers and undoes the swap, then defeats the creature.
  • Concord realizes that this magical attack is a distraction.
  • Ghost Girl travels to her cemetery and discovers activity there.

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