Issue 19

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Issue 19: By Parental Authority Figures Betrayed!
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Key Elements Halcyon Heroes League
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By Parental Authority Figures Betrayed!

Key Events

Naming convention is <assumed host body>!<real persona>.

  • After the body swap of earlier, the team attends the Halcyon Heroes League Christmas party.
  • Jason Quill!Leo talks to Streak and gets the impression that the adults are guilty about something that will impact the team.
  • Hecate reveals to Ghost Girl!Jason that the magical thought link also blocks our thoughts from outside intrusion.
  • During conversation, Mercury!Adam upstages Stingray, and tells A10 to talk to Jason about cross-team training.
  • Mercury!Adam manages to phase through the floor, surprising and pleasing Streak.
  • The HHL warn the team about involving themselves in Vyortovia, and fear crossing between our world and the Sepiaverse.
  • The team challenges this warning.
  • The HHL all seem to be knocked out or put to sleep by something, as are almost all of the guests (except A10, Kid Kelvin, and Stingray). Hecate vanishes. Vigil appears and warns the team something is happening.

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