Issue 18

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Issue 18: If This Be My Body!
Key Elements Halcyon Heroes League
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If This Be My Body!

Key Events

  • Ghost Girl explores the ramifications of her solidity in the Sepiaverse.
  • Concord is approached for try-outs at a school theater event. He interacts with his father.
  • A10 reveals to Mercury that she knows he's meeting with the Halcyon Heroes League.
  • Link and Concord talk about his use of powers to help Pneuma, and the Concordance Shard.
  • Jason Quill apologizes to Concord.
  • Link suggests that the group try team telepathy prior to the HHL meeting. Ghost Girl arranges it with one of her powers, but as a result, every member of the team has their mind shifted into the body of someone else.
    • Charlotte to Link's body
    • Concord to Mercury's body
    • Jason to Ghost Girl's body
    • Link to Jason's body
    • Mercury to Concord's body

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