Issue 17

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Issue 17: By My Friend Betrayed!
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Key Elements Concordance Shard
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By My Friend Betrayed!

Key Events

  • Harry's dad cancels the meeting he wanted Harry to come to that evening. It turns out that something is scheduled the the next day, for The Menagerie to meet the Halcyon Heroes League. Harry is concerned. Adam's mother is thrilled.
  • Concord continues to worry about the much more active Concordance Shard talking in his head.
  • Jason drives Adam home, but when Adam's police officer father expresses disapproval for how Jason has been leading the team, Jason gets angry, inadvertently using the nanobots to tear through his car and loom menacingly over Officer Amari. Adam, frightened for his father, sends Amari to the precinct, and Jason (and the remains of his car) to several hundred feet in the air over downtown Halcyon City. Concord later confirms his dad is okay, and the Concordance Shard assures him it would never harm "the Father."
  • Jason survives the fall, and is found by the Ponies, who take many pictures of him before Ghost Girl whisks him home.
  • Jason contacts Adam, who makes a number of snarky comments to him
  • Leo, Charlotte, and Harry discuss plans to cross into the Sepiaverse and leave a communications device to attract the attention of Byron Quill, et al.
  • Leo gains insight into Travelycia: she is a trying to present a "safe" version of Alycia to help Jason, and is cooperating on the Sepiaverse efforts because the real Alycia wants to go there.
  • Charlotte and Leo go to the cemetery to have Ghost Girl try to pass between the dimensions again. Leo finds that technology does not work well near the Everard mausoleum, where Charlotte passed through before. Charlotte goes through, and finds a similar effect in the Sepiaverse's version of the cemetery, and also that she's turned solid once again. Leo determines that the technology failure radius has increased slightly.

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