Issue 16

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Issue 16: In the Clutches of Interpersonal Interaction!
Key Elements Rossum
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In the Clutches of Interpersonal Interaction!

Key Events

  • Ghost Girl is able to cross back and forth to the Sepiaverse through a "dead zone" at the Everard Mausoleum. She learns more about the geneology of her family, and Thaddeus Letson.
  • She encounters three AEGIS agents at the home of Hannibal Letson, a descendant. The agents are monitoring the property and want to make sure GG isn't here to interfere.
  • Link proposes to merge the two Pneumas, and communicates this to his team.
  • Jason Quill talks to Ted Waters about the video footage of his father and Dr. Chin cooperating. Waters says AEGIS doesn't know more about the situation, such as who the attackers were.
  • AEGIS has been monitoring Vyortovia, which is both mobile and has apparently taken the place of a place in this world of an island improbably named "Iceland".
  • Concord's emotional reception powers have ramped up, and he is experiencing telepathic intrusions from people around him. Link tries to help him cope with the situation.
  • Mercury interacts with A10 at the academy.
  • Jason tries to remember more about Vyortovia, but becomes aware his own existence is in jeopardy. His concerns center around Amir Quill and his real identity. He resolves to find Alycia Chin and talk to her.
  • The team arrives at the Quill Foundation to investigate Pneuma's memory issues. The issue is an encoded video message from Rossum, who explains he is captive. Leo does not take this well, and Harry talks to him. The others offer Pneuma comfort, including eventually Leo. Ultimately Pneuma has doubts about proceeding with the merge, so Leo calls it off.

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