Issue 15

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Issue 15: In the Clutches of Late-Night Melodrama!
Key Elements Byron Quill
Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne
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Key Events

  • Link moves into the Gale Family house's guest cottage.
  • He reveals his father's identity to Mr. Gale.
  • Jason Quill watches the video provided by Ted Waters and sees his father working with his nemesis Dr. Chin, in contradiction to the official story.
  • He sets up contingencies to have the video sent to trustworthy parties.
  • Concord's parents tell him they want him to stop working for the Concordance.
  • Ghost Girl researches more history, in particular the fight between the Magus and Dr. Infinity that led to her rebirth.
  • She finds signs that males of the Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne have an extra pair of ribs.
  • She somehow crosses into the Sepiaverse.

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