Issue 14

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Issue 14: Love Letters... Unleashed!
Key Elements AEGIS
Alycia Chin
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Love Letters... Unleashed!

Key Events

  • The team attends a press conference given by AEGIS after recent events.
  • Jason Quill spots a 10-year-old Alycia Chin scampering around the room during the event, which nobody else can see.
  • Mercury gets a joke in on his dad, but also steadies Jason's freak-out.
  • Ghost Girl researches the occult and discovers her family's involvement in the Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne, a secret society.
  • Concord vanishes from the event and reappears at home, startling his family, almost losing control of himself to the Concordance, and nearly giving away his secret identity to his kid sister.
  • Later, Jason reviews the security camera footage but can't see Alycia anywhere. Agent 1337 suggests that Jason's own powers are the cause of the sightings.
  • Ted Waters supplies Jason with footage of what took place in Washington.
  • Link realizes that his home is compromised after the Rossum Robot emerged from it, torches the place, and gets permission from Harry to couch-surf for a bit.
  • Pneuma reveals that she has a discrepancy in her memory. Leo promises to investigate.

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