Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne

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The Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne, later dropping the "Vyortovian" part, was a conspiratorial group during or prior to the Civil War. Ghost Girl's father was apparently a member.

According to Amir:

"The Hidden Family were - are - members of a royal caste from the country of Vyortovia - the land once native to another dimension entirely - who determined that the best way to save their world was by folding their reality onto ours. Madness, except for the annoying fact they'd apparently discovered both the theory and eventually the means with which to effect such a thing. This relatively small group crossed the dimensional barrier between our two worlds several hundred years ago and began the long work they'd determined necessary to ultimately collapse the two realities into one."
"Father and Rusty had encountered them in the past but, as I had it explained to me, the clashes were always minor things - their individual goals so inconsequential, their activities never warranted further investigation; just another doomsday cult. It wasn't something they had hidden from us - which I accused them of when they first explained it to me - but something they'd never really thought important enough to mention."
"That all changed, as I understand it, only weeks before the events that unfolded in July, two years ago. Father received a message from Achilles Chin and, although obviously suspicious, was unable to ignore it as some kind of trap - there was simply too much corroborative fact presented."
"He and Chin met, alone - Rusty was still angry about this at the time they caught me up - and compared notes."
"What had prompted Chin to reach out was his almost accidental discovery that the Family had, years before, used an entrance to what Chin called the 'inner earth', in Iceland - the Snæfellsjökull, if you like - where they'd planted what they called a "world seed," and which Father called a Keynome - not a word that made any sense to me at the time, though it makes a bit more, now."
"Father and Chin mutually decided on the need for cooperation in light of what it seemed to be the impending destruction of everything they knew, and made plans to ground out the energy of whatever the family was planning using another Keynome."


  • Obadiah Everard (same surname as today's Magus Everard
    • Died of complications from gout. Survived by two sons -- only one survived the Civil war, and died of the same disease as Dad around 1870. The Everard family mausoleum is not far from Charlotte's grave, and there's some damage there from the [Doctor Infinity]/[Magus Everard] fight.

Family crypt.

  • The Palmer Family (as in Charlotte Palmer - Ghost Girl)

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