Hector Callado

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Hector Callado
Hector callado.PNG
Publication Information
Created by Dave
First Appearance By Reference Only
In-Story Information
Other Aliases None
Occupation Lead Henchman
Abilities Mundane but deadly

Hector Callado is the latest in a string of strong, silent bodyguards / hatchet men that Achilles Chin uses in his schemes.

Little is publicly known about Callado, and even AEGIS files are scanty (attributed to explicit scrubbing of public and intelligence records). He is known to be a master of several forms of martial arts, as well as a crack shot. Presumably, based on his position, he is utterly ruthless and utterly loyal to Chin. Given the rate at which Chin expends even his closest henchmen, his prospects are not promising, but this (like all other provocations) doesn't appear to visibly bother him.

Callado was present during the "DC Event" when Jason Quill, Rusty Byrne, and Achilles Chin were all killed by an interdimensional rift. He was presumed dead at the time. Instead, he appears to have survived and has taken control of the surviving Chin criminal / terror empire in the Americas and portions of Western Europe.