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Logo of the HHL
The Halcyon Heroes League is a Silver Generation super-team.

Main Members

Primary members of the team, or the members people tend to remember first.

  • Golem
    • An Ashkenazi Jew who went into biology to understand torsion dystonia - a disease they suffer from that causes muscle contractions and leads to debility, but also correlates to a higher IQ. Golem developed a treatment that transformed their body into a sturdy, rock-like powerhouse, but at the cost of much of their intelligence. They carry an enzyme release tab under the tongue that allows allies to (carefully) pull them out of this rocky state as needed (for example, to access the scientist's mind at full power), but leaves them in considerable pain due to the ITD. Recently Golem's body has built up an immunity to the enzyme, forcing them to turn to a cocktail of street drugs and experimental Silicon Valley nootropics as a supplement. Golem considers this exchange worthwhile for many reasons (their decision-making is done during their less intelligent golem state; their personal relationship with the nootropic makers blinds them to the medical risks; they are partially addicted to heroics and cannot bear the thought of losing their powerful body). The adult Transformed.
    • (Harry heard) Taking a drug that counters degeneration from their power use. No one knows where it comes from or who developed it.
    • (Harry) Golem doesn't do a lot of heroing anymore, unless it's an "all hands on deck sort of deal."
  • Nautilus - power armor science guy
    • Has a power similar to Link and Rossum - a brain with a wave-function collapse mutation that allows him to short-circuit scientific research. Like Leo, this has led to some brain damage; unlike Leo, has no corrective neurochip. Styles himself as a Captain Nemo or sea-captain type, complete with beard. Operates a fully equipped submarine-laboratory in the Atlantic Ocean, launches himself in armor like an ICBM to trouble spots around the region. Has an unaccountably hot and loving wife who puts up with his oddities. Active philanthropist. Nobody knows what playbook spawned this social Martian, but the Brain is possible.
    • (Harry) Nautilus ... prefers to work alone.
    • (Jason/Harry) Has a kid at Gardner Academy. Real asshole.
    • Nobody’s favorite. Genius inventor. Probably/definitely on the spectrum.
    • Very occasionally reviews beard oils on YouTube.
  • Oya
    • Can cause thermal expansion or contraction in liquids and gases over a large area. Uses this power to control the weather, but can also (for example) call down lightning, cause gasoline to explode, or similar feats. Worked as a "weather-witch" in Nigeria, bringing rain and controlling climate for a price, but was hunted by Western industrialists trying to take advantage of poor local conditions. After fighting back in Nigeria, they came to Halcyon City to deal with the capitalists at the source. Teamed up with the HHL while doing so, and has been with them (or using them as a cover, depending on who you ask) since that time. The adult Nova.
    • (Harry heard) Technically used to be a super-villain (Dad always says that with sheepish air-quotes), of the eco-terrorist sort. Some people don’t think she ever gave it up, just got better at hiding her involvement.
    • (Harry) Oya has teamed up with Harry's mom several times, his dad exactly once, and it did not go well. She often works with just a few other members of the team, and is powerful enough people don't ignore her in meetings, but doesn't have... friends, as such, on the team.
    • ((GM: Full disclosure: I'm modeling her team dynamics off "Black Panther is currently 'on' the Avengers... until he decides not to be" sort of thing.))
  • Silver Streak aka James Swift - speedster
  • Tempest aka Helen Gale Swift - weather manipulator
  • Transcendent - extremely powerful superhero who has a possibly recurring problem with briefly turning evil
    • Transcendent is a tulpa - a psychic projection, with its own free will and consciousness. While individual human mystics and psychics have produced relatively weak tulpa on their own, Transcendent is the tulpa of an entire alien civilization, with a corresponding power level. They are a combination first-contact space probe and ambassador. They have been on Earth their whole existence, and socialized as a human being, but they know who and what they are as well. From time to time, different factions within that civilization become dominant, advocating violence or conquest, and Transcendent turns evil. Other times, the aliens lose interest in their exploration mission, or must turn their attention to some more crucial issue, and Transcendent's power fluctuates. But it's also true that the alien attitude toward Earth and its people is influenced by how people treat their creation. By being Transcendent's friend, comrade, and support, individual people have a chance to create a lasting positive relationship with a whole other species.
    • Bit of a running joke that they have a tendency to briefly turn evil and try to subjugate the world. Would be funnier if it weren’t kinda true.
    • (Jason heard) Toppled an interstellar empire’s despotic ruler, but left the empire itself in civil war rather than stick around and rebuild.
    • (Harry) Transcendent - has been a member of the HHL since forever, but half the time it feels like it's as much for it to watch us and us to watch it as anything.

Secondary Members

Secondary or less-well-known-to-the-public members of the team:

  • Blackbird
    • Power: high-altitude flight, extremely keen vision (think SR-71: her mother, not the plane, was the skunk works program the gov't invested in). Moderate strength and toughness. The adult Beacon or Protege.
    • Technically Blackbird II - her mom was on the team. The youngest member by a wide margin.
    • (Harry) Blackbird - does a lot of the teams day-to-day heavy lifting, but little publicity related stuff.
  • Guardian
    • Power: inertial manipulation, can anchor self or other objects in place, absorb kinetic damage from incoming attacks over an area, and many other things. Very tired of reputation as third-rate "shield guy" who doesn't have many offensive powers, resulting self-esteem problems threaten romantic and professional relationships.
    • Going through an ugly, public divorce.
    • Jokes about retiring in every interview in the last five years.
    • (Harry) Guardian does a lot of the publicity-related stuff, but little of the team's day-to-day heavy lifting.
  • Hecate
    • Born 28 times in 28 parallel universes, once per day of the moon cycle, and each version was blessed or cursed with different powers. They are all in telepathic communication and share wisdom with each other. One of the Hecates, however, turned dark and eventually conquered her dimension. Dark Hecate can answer almost any question "our" Hecate puts to her, but gets her knowledge of people by torturing/interrogating/mind-reading her captive subjects, and our Hecate knows this, leaving her guilt-ridden every time she calls on this knowledge. The adult Doomed.
    • Takes a lot of heat in some social media circles as a vocal TERF.
    • (Harry heard) Used their powers to spy on a rival and reported their activities to AEGIS as suspicious.
    • (Harry) The sharpest, if not loudest voice in team meetings. Once an absolute b-lister, but gained tremendous leverage as the sole voice on magical theory after the team lost the Magus when Everard took over that mantle. The only member of the league that Harry's dad has repeatedly advised him to steer away from, with no joking.
    • (Harry) Usually only shows up for "all hands on deck" major episodes.
    • (Jason) There was a lot of personal animosity between her and Byron Quill.
    • "Played by Kyra Sedgwick"
  • Paladin
    • Power: uses a lightweight exo-suit with hard light projectors able to provide full-coverage armor, weapons, flight, etc. "Borrowed" a nanotech artificial immune system from a villain that also provides regeneration and negates fatigue, but the system has vulnerabilities.
    • (Leo heard) Stole a villain’s tech, then incorporated it into their own.
    • (Harry) Dad: "Well... he sells a lot of toys." - always involved in public league throw-downs, and popular with the press and public, but isn't allowed to do interviews.
  • Phantasm
    • Power: can conjure immaterial illusions, got a xeno-graft from an alien or super that lets them project force fields to make them solid. The adult Delinquent.
    • (Jason heard) - had an affair with the spouse of another super (Ex member of the team). A couple of downtown buildings came down when the situation came out and they had an ‘argument’. They made up a story of a supervillain who got away to cover up the damage.
    • (Harry) stays quiet most of the time. Tends to follow the lead of Tempest and, more and more, Sigrun.
  • Sigrun the Valkyrie
    • An attempted clone of the Golden Generation heroine Sváfa. The scientists who made her couldn't get her powers to activate, and left her on the street to make her own way. Her role in adult video was due to the close resemblance and an audience interest in "lookalike" smut. That experience activated her powers after all, though she is very secretive on just how. She has a standard suite of flight, super-strength, and durability, and carries a "sonic spear" devised by Nautilus. The adult Bull.
    • Was a porn star before they had a breakthrough as a hero that put them on the map. Causes a lot of clashes with a few members of the team.
    • Women’s rights activist, but frequently throws massive shade at Hecate on social media.
    • (Harry) Does the lion's share of the day-to-day work of running the League, a job that used to be all Nautilus and Golem. Would have more sway in the meetings, if not for Hecate, who blocks her on basically everything. (Hecate only ever shows up for 'all hands on deck' fights and rescues, so they rarely interact, day to day.)
  • Tatanka
    • Lakota Sioux psychic - transmutes psychometric energy into psychokinetic energy, allowing themselves to grow stronger around places and objects of great historical significance. Dresses in traditionalist garb, but this is (a) because this is literally their power source and (b) doing so promotes cultural & political goals. The adult Legacy.
    • Neither likes nor is liked by the U.S. government. Very outspoken (peaceful) activist on many topics.
    • Likes to repost the Morpheus “What if I told you… you could care about more than one thing?” meme.External
    • Writing an indie comic book.
    • (Harry) Never around the base, 33% at meetings, but 100% reliable when called on for 'the work.' A10's uncle.
  • Vigil
    • The most mysterious member of the team, Vigil never appears in person, only on video, still photos, mirrors, paintings, or other media. They communicate with hand-written messages or (media allowing) voice-overs, and appear able to converse with people interactively even through previously handwritten notes (!). See here for examples. Vigil's role on the team is vague, though their power to bypass barriers and talk to almost anyone in spite of interference, jamming, or other blocks is situational but useful. When asked what Vigil wants as a hero, they only comment that they are "waiting for something", and learning about the world while they wait. The oldest known depiction of Vigil is in a cave painting in France.... The adult Outsider.
    • Vigil almost never comes up when discussing the HHL.
    • (Harry) "You know... whenever my parents are talking about some big decision the HHL has to make, my dad always asks 'What did Vigil think?' and my my mom ALWAYS knows. Like... she makes a point to find out. I think they're kind of scared of them."
    • (Harry) No one argues with Vigil. "It's not fun losing a debate to a grainy VHS tape and a stack of telegrams from 1902."

Group Rumors

There is a perennial rumor that the HHL run a private prison for villains, in violation of multiple international laws and general morals.

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