Gardner Academy

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Gardner Academy is a private school attended by grades 7-12 in Halcyon City.

It is the secondary education school of choice for both the wealthiest of Halcyon and, as an intentional specialty, the children of "out" metahumans, or youths who are metahuman. These ends are accomplished both by added security (passive and active), and by special Physical Education and related training classes for students with special talents.

While many of its students are from well-to-do families, the school has a robust merit program, funded in part by the Quill Foundation, to bring in kids from all walks of life.

Dress code is somewhat upscale -- collared shirts, no holes in pants, skirts fingertips-plus-3-inches -- held in place largely by social pressure (and countered by same). Uniforms / costumes worn at school are declasse and looked down upon even if (and sometimes even when) they are necessary for life support or military service.

The Gardner school mascot is the Gryphon. This was spelled "Griffin" until the late 1980s, when it became the subject to debate amongst the student body. The spelling was changed when the Chevalier Blanc landed in the center of the football field on his winged mount, during the Homecoming Game against Halcyon South in 1989; the mount, the gryphon Epimacus, whispered the "correct" spelling to the student body president, James Swift, settling the matter once and for all.