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Daphne "Daph" Palin is a Senior at Gardner Academy.

Daph is 6'0" and lean-muscular, with longish blonde hair (usually tied up in some fashion). She's usually in jeans, some sort of women's t-shirt, and a fuzzy white hoodie with a large black-and-white butterfly on the back. Personality-wise, she is bold, bluff, straightforward, and speaks her mind.

She is a metahuman, but not a practicing super-hero.

Origin and Powers

On family vacation to the Greek Isles seven years ago, Daph got separated from her tour group on the island of Hykanthos, and found herself wandering into a dark cave, discovering inside that it actually had dressed stone floors, figures carved into the walls, and lit torches. At the end of the cave was an altar, and there she came into the presence of a self-described deity, Palomedes, who said that she would grow up to be his high priestess and bring freedom and joy to the world.

In the years since, Daph has grown, assumed the strength and proportions of a holy warrior, and found she has powers (which she can only attribute to that encounter) to detect "evil," to drive away the undead (worst Disney vacation ever), to heal injuries, and to summon a glowing holy staff to smite her enemies.

Papilio palamedes
She's not particularly interested in any of that; she'd rather pursue a sociology major in college (she's been accepted, Early Decision, to Princeton), go to grad school, and eventually have a quiet career in academia. She really doesn't want to be a super-hero, let alone the high priestess to a deity whose name she doesn't even recognize. (She's researched the name, but none of it seems to have a connection to the being she encountered, except for the butterfly symbol it adopted.)

It's all actually a bit embarrassing to her, though she's okay with being classified as a "Meta" in the school social hierarchy, and to be a whiz at girls soccer.

She's been drawn into adventures on a couple of occasions (a zombie invasion at Walt Disney World; an automobile crash), but has so far resisted the voices in her head, urging to heroic deeds. Palamedes recently escalated the issue, taking over her body to foil a crime.[1] Alycia Chin, her friend, confronted the god, and counseled both the god and Daphne to consider the matter fairly between them (despite Palamedes' attempt to blackmail Alycia).

Social Aspects

Daph has adopted Alycia Chin as a friend, even though she guessed that "Alice Chan" was actually the daughter of Achilles Chin.

She is stalked by a boy at the school, Graham "G. T." Reijin, who claims that they knew each other in another life. She's pretty certain that's not the case, and isn't interested in him even if it's true.

She is not a Pony, having an eclectic mix of friends from soccer, Writing Club, Yearbook, and stray solitary individuals she's pulled into her orbit. One of these now looks to be Alycia Chin.

It is currently dating Marion Halliwell, a fellow student and wannabe-radical activist at Gardner. It appears that sex with him has not been all that great.

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