Byron Quill

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Byron Quill
Publication Information
Created by Dave
First Appearance By Reference Only
In-Story Information
Other Aliases None
Occupation Genius, Polymath, Researcher, Spark, Science Adventurer
Abilities Access to superscience

Byron Quill is a science adventurer, famous the world over for his inventions, research, explorations, and for the work of the Quill Foundation and Quill Industries.

Byron has a son, Jason Quill, and an adopted son, Amir Quill. He is in a long-term relationship with his bodyguard and AEGIS liaison, Rusty Byrne.

Byron divides his time between research and development, field exploration, and trouble-shooting problems for the US Government or others who call on his assistance. He serves as CEO of the various elements of the Quill Organization, though he farms much the day-to-day operations to Barbara Josephs and Hannah Williams.

As part of an initiative to improve public education, Quill designed and narrated a series of classroom films to promulgate his perspective on healthy teen development.

Byron's exploits were made still more famous by the animated "Adventures of Jason Quill" cartoon. Byron had only limited creative control over the cartoon (he has since secured all rights), but was able to use AEGIS contacts to change some storylines for national security reasons.

While Byron has worked at times for the US government, on a largely pro-bono basis, dealing with problems that require his special talent, he resists actually joining any government agency, and on occasion has had serious fallings-out with governmental organizations that wanted him to do or create something he felt was too dangerous or immoral. Similarly, he has declined invitations to super-hero teams; while he does provide assistance against threats to Halcyon or the world, he does so on his own terms, then returns to his research.

Jason recently discovered that Byron left an AI version of himself as an interface to the Quill organization's computer system.

Achilles Chin, the DC Incident, and the Sepiaverse

In his "trouble-shooting" work, he often came into conflict with the plans and activities of Dr. Achilles Chin. Their conflicts of intellect, principle, and scientific invention are the stuff of legends (and of classified documents), and both have publicly sworn to destroy the other. This conflict appeared to culminate with the infamous DC Incident when, as far as anyone could tell, Byron and Rusty were sucked into a dimensional vortex created by Chin, and presumed dead. Chin and his bodyguard, Hector Callado, were similarly struck down.

This turns out not to have been the full story, and the four men were instead transported to a parallel Earth in the Sepiaverse. There they both helped a new civilization growing up in that world's equivalent of Washington, DC ("Federal City"), until Chin and Byron had a falling out and once again went to war against each other, allowing their fanaticism to rule over their potential humanity.

Ultimately, that war was stopped by Jason Quill and Alycia Chin, who used the power of the Keynome and Jason's nanobots to undo both men's super-genius, leaving them as "normal" geniuses tasked with rebuilding a world.

Because of the means by which Byron was transported to the Sepiaverse, he cannot return to the Prime universe, nor touch any visitors from there, without the risk of a catastropnic explosion.

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