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Publication Information
Created by Bill
First Appearance Issue 1
In-Story Information
Other Aliases Aria Newman
Occupation Gynoid
Abilities Robotic super-strength and durability.
Blue Oni to Link's Red

Pneuma is one of the robots created by Link. She was created to be his girlfriend, but the relationship ended prior to game start. A mental backup of her, named Numina, now exists as a separate person.

Personality and Preferences

  • "My brain came with the deep structures for math and systems, but I didn't follow it into engineering. Business administration, law, governance, and things like that are more interesting. I love seeing how policy and legal systems come together."
  • "If I got a mundane job, I think I'd probably go into local politics, no higher than the state level anyway. Join a representative's staff in Congress, City Council, state auditor, something like that."
  • "I like watching soccer. Other sports? Not so much. I don't know if you count billiards or snooker, but I like playing games like that. Otto and I both have better spatial processing than most people."
  • "I don't play the shooters the boys like, or Otto's racing games, but I like rhythm and puzzle games. I like some platformers, but any kind of twitch gaming annoys me."
  • "I like classical music, but more the violin pieces like Beethoven's Violin Sonata #9. I love Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I don't really like the heavier, bombastic classics."
  • "If you want modern mainstream music, I like more pop, and Otto likes more classic rock. For other genres, I like psy-trance and chillout music."
  • "I like eating. Love it in fact. I just don't have to. So eating is like.. a special occasion for me. Like going to the movies, or going out with friends. I'm also a terrible cook, because I season everything for how it'll taste but not how it'll digest, because nothing ever bothers me."
  • "Even though I don't need calories, I still have cravings for food. I go through Pop Rocks and jelly beans when I just feel the need to eat something, you know?"
  • "I think I like Indian food the most, followed by Tex-Mex. I like making huge casserole dishes with lots of garnish. Usually we get soup or stew out of a crock pot, since the ingredients are cheap and prep is easy."
  • "I like Android phones, but not Samsung's. The screen capacitance doesn't work well with my fingers. Leo says he's working on it, but I'd rather just get a Pixel."
  • "I never had an iPhone because we're on a family plan and got a second phone free type of deal."


Pneuma's intelligence has been incarnated into three different shells so far. Aside from the original body, she was trapped in a Rossum robot body, then transferred to a holographic existence by Jason Quill; that instance has taken on the name Numina.

The original Pneuma was recovered from Rook Industries.


She is engaged to Link and managing the business aspects of his technology efforts.


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