Amir Quill

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Amir Quill
Publication Information
Created by Dave
First Appearance Issue 22
In-Story Information
Other Aliases None
Occupation Retired
Abilities Experienced adventurer

Amir Quill is the adoptive son of Byron Quill and step-brother to Jason Quill. He was taken in by the Quill family at age 9 (the same age as Jason at the time) when his family was killed in a terrorist attack against Byron in Morocco. Byron and Rusty Byrne used their connections to effect the international adoption.

Amir and Jason were largely inseparable during their childhoods, and participated fully in the family science adventures together. Jason tended toward more intellectual pursuits, while Amir enjoyed more physical activities, and was taken under Rusty's wing for special combat training in is mid-teens.

In the "Adventures of Jason Quill" cartoon, the producers decided to have Amir be "Persian" (rather than the more inflammatory "Iranian"), so that they could introduce a flying carpet that the cartoon Amir could levitate and fly. Amir resented the changes, but that particular creative element was not subject to family control.

While Jason was sent to live in Halcyon City to get a more "normal" high school experience, Amir stayed with Byron and Rusty. During the DC Incident where Achilles Chin opened a dimensional rift that captured Chin, his bodyguard, Byron, and Rusty, Amir was instead seriously injured by the dimensional distortion, and rendered a paraplegic. In the aftermath, he and Jason became estranged, moving to the Quill family complex in the Florida Keys.

Meeting Jason

Jason and Numina visited Amir to share information Jason had gained about the DC Incident. He gave the Quill dog, Brigand, to Jason. Jason had reason to believe that this was not the "real" Amir Quill, and Byron later confirmed to Jason that the Prime Universe Amir had been killed in the Sepiaverse during the DC Incident. Jason now believes the Amir he met is the Sepiaverse version.

That Amir indicated a knowledge of Hecate, Valerie Randal, Vyortovia (and the Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne), the Sepiaverse, and other topics.

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