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Adam profile.png
Publication Information
Created by Mike
First Appearance Issue 1
Playbook The Nova
ex-Janus, ex-Nova
In-Story Information
Real Name Adam Kiran Amari
Other Aliases None
Associates Family:
Khamala Amari
Nassir Amari
Jordan Amari
Universal Concordance
Abilities Cosmic energy manipulation via merging with a Concordance Shard. Aura reading. Flight. Energy constructs. Limited divination or intuition.

Concord (Adam Amari) is a superhero in Halycion City, known for his membership in the Menagerie.

As of Issue 27, he has absorbed the Halcyon High South Keynome into his own body, replacing his Concordance shard Sol Gamma Two.

The Amari Family

From left to right: Jordan, Khamala, Nassir, and Adam

Adam's family has a very active role in his life and is usually the cause and solution to many of his woes. His immediate family includes:

  • Dr. Khamala Amari (Pharm.D), Adam's mother and a pharmacist as a local Halcyon City drug store.
  • Sergeant Nassir Amari, Adam's father and the evening shift supervisor for the precinct near Halcyon High.
  • Jordan Amari, Adam's young sister (age 6) and an excitable ball of excitement.

Other mentioned members of the extended family include:

  • Nana, Adam's grandmother and Khamala's mother. Not a fan of superheroes and empowered individuals in general.


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