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Publication Information
Created by Mike
First Appearance Issue 1
Playbook The Janus
formerly the Nova
In-Story Information
Real Name Adam Kiran Amari
Other Aliases None
Associates Family:
Khamala Amari
Nassir Amari
Jordan Amari
Universal Concordance
Abilities Cosmic energy manipulation via merging with a Concordance Shard. Aura reading. Flight. Energy constructs. Limited divination or intuition.

Concord (Adam Amari) is a superhero in Halycion City, known for his membership in the Menagerie.

The Amari Family

Adam's family has a very active role in his life and is usually the cause and solution to many of his woes. His immediate family includes:

  • Dr. Khamala Amari (Pharm.D), Adam's mother and a pharmacist as a local Halcyon City drug store.
  • Sergeant Nassir Amari, Adam's father and the evening shift supervisor for the precinct near Halcyon High.
  • Jordan Amari, Adam's young sister (age 6) and an excitable ball of excitement.

Other mentioned members of the extended family include:

  • Nana, Adam's grandmother and Khamala's mother. Not a fan of superheroes and empowered individuals in general.

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