Achilles Chin

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Achilles Chin
Doctor Chin.PNG
Publication Information
Created by Dave
First Appearance Issue 25
In-Story Information
Other Aliases None
Occupation Supervillain
Abilities Hyper-Genius; Access to super-science.

Achilles Chin is a science supervillain, and long-time nemesis of Byron Quill.

History and Ideology

Dr. Chin first gained prominence working for the government of the People's Republic of China, but his own ambitions, and changing regimes at home, led him to go free-lance. While he still occasionally does work on behalf of, or in cooperation with, the PRC government, they disavow any knowledge of his actions, and he has occasionally committed crimes that embarrassed or went against the interests of the Chinese government, which has an international warrant for his arrest, as do several other powerful nations, including Russia and the United States.

Chin ideological motivations seem aligned with his roots, with both a profound antipathy toward the capitalist West, and a mistrust of institutions, even Communist ones. To that radical anarchistic end, his villainous activities tend to be toward either tearing down what he sees as the oppressive global social order, or obtaining funding toward future plans with that aim. He sees lives lost in such efforts as the inevitable cost of change. He is willing to ally himself with others whose goals are different, if it will further his own, and has no qualms about betraying such allies when they no longer serve his purpose.

Chin's most recent publicly-known plot involved a dimensional rift he opened in Washington, DC (the DC Incident). It was unclear at the time if the rift was meant only as an attack on Byron Quill or as part of a larger scheme.

It's subsequently become known that at the time Chin was actually cooperating with Byron Quill to stop the Vyortovian plot to swap out Washington, DC (and much of the eastern seaboard) for similar territory in the Sepiaverse.

Chin was trapped in the Sepiaverse, due to how the transfer was made. Though he initially worked with Quill in rebuilding civilization around "Federal City," he eventually became disaffected with his alliance, feeling Quill was building a tyrannical cult of personality. He allied himself with the Sepiaverse version of Hecate (who may have influenced his thinking to some degree), and led an eventual attack on FC by trying to sabotage the Keynome. He was stopped by his daughter and Jason Quill. He is currently imprisoned in Federal City.

Scientific and Engineering Achievements

Dr Chin has unleased various robotic spiders on the world.
Chin was considered one of the most brilliant minds in the world. A polymath scientist, engineer, and chemist, his creations were rivaled only by a select few individuals, such as Byron Quill.

While Chin was best known for his long game strategies and plots, he was also talented in extending technologies already known. He frequently used a spider motif in his creations, having commented that arachnid forms provide stable, agile foundations for various purposes.

Chin's hyper-genius was apparently burned out by Jason Quill's nanobots. While still brilliant, it is at a normal human level.

Family and Associates

Beyond his cause, Chin only showed loyalty to one individual, his daughter, Alycia Chin. While he sent her away on occasion for schooling or for safety, he frequently had her by his side during her teen years, possibly grooming her as a successor. Nothing is known of her mother.

It's worth noting that Byron Quill and Dr. Chin mutually agreed to not target their respective children, and have (as noted) occasionally cooperated to protect them both. (In the Sepiaverse, no such agreement was met, and the death of one of the children led to the death of the other, and all-out war and desolation on that world.)

Chin had a series of dedicated lieutenants / bodyguards over the years, from whom he has demanded strict loyalty and effectiveness (and who had a high mortality). The most recent and longest-surviving of these was Hector Callado.

He also had an army of agents, soldiers, and followers in his science criminal network, both working independently and in cells in or around major cities (identified cells include Arlington, Virginia, USA; Geneva, Switzerland; Urumqi, China). After Chin's apparent death, Alycia endeavored to keep his empire together to provide for her search for her father; instead, it fractured, with some followers simply going rogue, or being rolled up by AEGIS and similar agencies. Others began carving out and brutally consolidating portions of the network for themselves; these included Hector Callado (Latin America), Yang Shaoqi (East Asia), and an individual styling themselves The Son of Chin (Africa, Middle East, Southern Europe). This civil war is ongoing.

Some of the orphaned Chin followers have recently begun to emerge from the shadows.


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